IPALPHA is an alternative investment and transaction advisory firm specializing in IP (Intellectual Property). We advise and partner our clients in developing powerful business strategies for investment, protection, or leveraging of their IP portfolio, from independent start-up inventors to innovative firms of any size.

Our multilingual and interdisciplinary team offers a hands-on and integrated approach ensuring that, whatever their company size or business objectives, our clients are able to fully capitalize and profit from their technology and IP in today’s dynamic global market. Our main sectors include healthcare, technology (in particular clean tech), media and telecommunications, and we have strong knowledge and particular expertise relating to Asian markets.


Our mission is to excel in the provision of world-class advisory, solutions and service to our clients in the fields of IP transaction, investment, protection and commercialization, leveraging the expertise of IP ALPHA's interdisciplinary team to generate extraordinary returns across a wide range of IP-related business and investment choices.